You Are Exactly Where You’ve Chosen To Be

When we point our finger at someone other than ourselves, there is one finger pointing at them but three pointing back at us! We are responsible for everything that is happening in our lives–no one else–just us. As hard as it is to want to believe this sometimes, the truth is, we OWN our lives. Once we take FULL responsibility for all that is going on around us, we are now in a VERY powerful position. After all, if WE are responsible then WE have the power to change whatever it is that needs changing.

Life has no meaning until WE give it meaning. Nothing arrives in our lives with a purpose until WE define what that purpose is. Most importantly, whatever is going on in our life at any given time, is only as important as we CHOOSE for it it to be. Let this sink in today and realize that YOU have the power to co-create and manifest your destiny. Not by some magical powers but by the very CHOICES you make each and every moment of your life. Between stimulus and response lies the freedom to CHOOSE!

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