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An Awakening Within ©

by Jeffrey Alan Hall

In many ways, this book represents my hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow built upon the solid foundation of love as opposed to the shifting sands of fear. There is optimism in my heart that bridges can be built to span the distance between us and allow us to understand each other as never before. I am confident that somehow we can eliminate the hatred and war that seeks to destroy the future of our children and replace it with lasting peace and heaven on earth. The time to awaken our souls is now, for the cost of sleeping has become far too high a price to pay.

Book Excerpts

“Today, I will begin to create my life exactly the way I choose it to be, knowing that the power to become is limited only by my thoughts. I will use prayer and meditation to manifest my own destiny and bring into my life only those people and things that will further develop and enrich the path I have chosen. I will remove myself from toxic relationships and move closer to those souls who walk the path of light.”

• • •

I grew up believing in the unlimited potential of all human beings—that each of us has the ability to harness the power of the God force within and manifest our own destiny. I never once doubted this infinite power of the Universe, a power that flows through each and every living thing with perfection and grace. I have always known that everyone is worthy to receive this power and draw upon it any time we choose.

The power I speak of is not limited, ego driven, special or available to only a few select individuals. It is abundant and available to everyone. This power has no bias, knows no boundaries and can be tapped into at any time. If you picture an oasis—a spring of life—giving water-a place where everyone of every race, color and creed can freely drink without fear, you will have come close to understanding this power.

If we let it, this power can direct our lives to a higher state of health, a higher state of love, a higher state of truth and a higher state of being. It will lead us through the darkness of the past and into the light of the future. It is as real as the sunlight yet as invisible as the wind. It can provide us with every answer to every question ever imagined, if only we would ask.

• • •

I look forward to a day when if asked, “What are you?” we will not respond by saying, we are Christian or Muslim, or Buddhist or Jew. We will not even consider suggesting that we are American or Russian or Chinese or Arabic. We will not see ourselves as white or black or yellow or red. That somehow, we will transcend our differences and begin to recognize our brothers and sisters in the eyes of every human being.


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"In the gap between stimulus and response lies the freedom to choose peace."

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